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Dr Heng Aik Teng

Dr Heng Aik Teng, is a TCM specialist, holds PhD degree from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he is currently the TCM Head of Program at Inti International University and also a Council Member of Ministry of Health Joint Technical Committee and JTC of the Traditional and Complementary Medical Council of Ministry of Health Malaysia. Dr Heng is a Committee Member of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Joint Committee for evaluation and promotion as well as Committee for epidemic/pandemic disease.


With decades of experience under his belt, Dr Heng specializes in disease treatment and control as well as acupuncture therapy for not only pain management but also for treatment of diseases using various proprietary manipulation techniques to improve the efficacy of acupuncture. 


Having had the honour of tutelage under Professor Zhang Zhilong, Dr Heng is an authorized practitioner of Professor Zhang’s patented acupuncture technique for spleen and stomach care specifically used for the treatment of Diabetes. Dr Heng also have had the privilege of tutelage under Professor Zhang Quanming and Professor Chai Tiewei, notable experts in TCM.

TCM Practitioner and Advisory Panel of iSensei TCM Centre.

Dr Kong Why Hong, a western doctor by profession and also a TCM specialist. Dr Kong holds a Bachelor in Medical Science of TCM from Guangzhou University of TCM. He then proceeded to obtain his Medical Doctor (MD) from Ukraine and also his PhD in TCM From Nanjing University of TCM.


Being one of the few doctors in Malaysia having qualifications from both discipline at undergraduate and PhD level, Dr Kong boasts of the unique ability for combined therapy to achieve healthcare at the next level. Dr Kong is a committee member of the Malaysia Chinese Medical Association and a lecturer at Inti International University.


With his knowledge of both worlds, Dr Kong have founded special therapies like his One Point Acupuncture Treatment, plorotherapy injection at acupoints, etc. 

Dr. Kong will be assisting us in bringing our iSensei centre to the next level incorporating both TCM and Technology services to offer our products and services across the nation

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Dr Kong Why Hong

General Physician, TCM Specialist and Advisory Panel of iSensei TCM Centre.

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